Jun 14 - Scrip Sales

Jun 21 - Scrip Sales

Jun 28 - Scrip Sales

Jul 2 - Band Rehearsal

Jul 3 - Band Rehearsal

Jul 4 - Wentzville Parade

Jul 5 - Scrip Sales

Jul 8 - Band Parent Meeting

Jul 12 - Scrip Sales

Jul 17 - Band Music Rehearsal

Jul 17 - Ice Cream Social

Jul 18 - Ninth Grade Camp

Jul 19 - Scrip Sales

Jul 21 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 22 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 23 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 24 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 25 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 26 - Scrip Sales

Jul 28 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 29 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 30 - Band Camp (9-12)

Jul 31 - Band Camp (9-12)

Aug 1 - Band Camp (9-12)

Aug 2 - Scrip Sales

Aug 9 - Scrip Sales

Aug 12 - Band Parent Meeting

Aug 14 - Evening Rehearsal

Aug 14 - Scrip Sales

Aug 21 - Evening Rehearsal

Aug 21 - Scrip Sales

Aug 22 - Football Game

Aug 23 - Wabash Days Parade

Aug 28 - Evening Rehearsal

Aug 28 - Scrip Sales

Sep 4 - Evening Rehearsal

Sep 4 - Scrip Sales

Sep 9 - Band Parent Meeting

Sep 11 - Evening Rehearsal

Sep 11 - Scrip Sales

Sep 13 - ACT Test Date

Sep 18 - Evening Rehearsal

Sep 18 - Scrip Sales

Sep 19 - Football Game

Sep 20 - Farmington Marching Fest.

Sep 25 - Evening Rehearsal

Sep 25 - Scrip Sales

Sep 27 - TBD Marching Festival

Oct 2 - Evening Rehearsal

Oct 2 - Scrip Sales

Oct 3 - Homecoming Game

Oct 4 - Homecoming Parade

Oct 9 - Evening Rehearsal

Oct 9 - Scrip Sales

Oct 10 - Football Game

Oct 11 - Potosi Marching Fest.

Oct 14 - Band Parent Meeting

Oct 16 - Evening Rehearsal

Oct 16 - Scrip Sales

Oct 17 - BOA Super Regional

Oct 18 - Univ. of Missouri Festival

Oct 23 - Scrip Sales

Oct 25 - ACT Test Date

Oct 31 - Football Playoff Game

Nov 3 - District Band Auditions

Nov 7 - Football Playoff Game

Nov 11 - Band Parent Meeting

Nov 14 - Football Playoff Game

Nov 21 - Football Playoff Game

Dec 1 - District Band Rehearsal

Dec 6 - All-State Band Auditions

Dec 8 - District Band Rehearsal

Dec 9 - Band Parent Meeting

Dec 13 - ACT Test Date

Dec 14 - Winter Concert

Jan 9 - District Band Rehearsal

Jan 10 - District Band Rehearsal

Jan 11 - District Band Performance

Feb 7 - ACT Test Date

Feb 21 - Truman State Jazz Festival

Mar 1 - Pageant of Bands Concert

Mar 7 - District Solo/Ensemble Festival

Mar 27 - State Large Ensemble Festival

Apr 18 - ACT Test Date

May 2 - State Music Festival

May 15 - Band Concert & Awards

May 19 - Run for the Wall

May 25 - Memorial Day Ceremony

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Booster News

All parents of a Holt band students are Holt Band Boosters. Find out how to get involved.

May Meeting Minutes now available online.

The next Band Boosters Parent's Meeting will be Tuesday, July 8th at 7:00 PM in the high school band room.

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Congratulations Wentzville Holt Class of 2014

It's Summer Time

School is out for what always seems like an extremely short summer break.

Take time to sleep in, relax by the pool, vacation with the family, practice your instrument....okay, who are we kidding. We are only two short months from the start of band camp. Check back here for all of your band camp information as we get closer.

Use Scrip to Save On Your Band Fees

If you get in the habit of purchasing scrip regularly, you can earn enough that your out of pocket fees can be greatly reduced! And this is money you would spend anyway for groceries, gas, household goods, restaurants, clothes, hardware, you name it! We sell scrip for hundreds of merchandisers, with earnings rates from 1.5% to 13% or more!

You don't know what Scrip is you say? Scrip is a great way to use your everyday purchases to make money for the band. By purchasing gift cards through the band boosters a percentage of what you spend on gas or groceries or at your local restaurants goes back to the band. Check out the Scrip page for details on how the program works and all the participating businesses.

Be sure to check the latest calendar of scrip sales dates!

Complete Calendars Available for 2013/14

Click on the links below to download the latest calendars for both the rest of the summer and all of the 2014/15 school year.

Summer Calendar2014-15 Calendar


Charms Office Assistant

Log in to your students account today!

Charms Office Assistant is now our full online accounting and organization system. Your student was sent home with information that contained their personal login ID. You can now use this ID to log into Charms by going to If you do not have your students ID please email David Brawner at

Once you are logged in you can check on your students account, view their uniform information, verify what forms have been turned in and more. Please verify that all of the contact information is correct. The email addresses with each student will be what is used for future notices.

An important feature we are using within Charms will be the calendar. This is your opportunity to keep up with event schedules and volunteer needs. Please take the time to look through the dates and volunteer for those events you have expressed interest in. For more information on volunteering, including all of the necessary forms for the School District go to the Volunteer page.

Find Us on Facebook

We now can be found on Facebook as Wentzville Holt Band. Connect with us there as another way to keep up to date on everything related to the band.