Mar 9 - State Large Ensemble Festival

Mar 10 - Winter Guard - O'Fallon Township

Mar 10 - Troy Jazz Festival - All Day

Mar 13 - Band Parent Meeting

Mar 16 - Pep Band - Swofford Game 6:00pm

Mar 17 - Winter Guard - Francis Howell
St. Louis Regional

Mar 20 - Incoming 9th Grade Parent Meeting 7:00 PM

Mar 24 - Winter Guard - Francis Howell North

Mar 26 - Spring Break Begins

Apr 2 - Chicago Parent/Student Meeting - Required - 7:00 PM

Apr 3 - Chicago Parent/Student Meeting - Required - 7:00 PM

Apr 5 - Winter Guard - Local show for parents and patrons

Apr 7 - Winter Guard - MCCGA Championships

Apr 10 - NO Band Parent Meeting

Apr 12-14 Chicago Trip

Apr 14 - ACT Test Date

Apr 20 - UMSL Jazz Festival

Apr 24 - Jazz Concert - 7:00 PM

Apr 26 - State Music Festival

May 4 - Jazz on the Green

May 8 - Band Parent Meeting 6:30 PM

May 11 - Band Concert Awards

May 12 - Mattress Fundraiser - All Day

May 22 - Run for the Wall

May 28 - Memorial Day Ceremony - 10:30 AM American Legion Hall

Jun 3 - Graduation - TBD - Family Arena

Jun 9 - ACT Test Date

Jun 12 - Band Parent Meeting

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Booster News

All parents of a Holt band students are Holt Band Boosters. Find out how to get involved.

February Meeting Minutes now available online.

The next Band Boosters Parent's Meeting will be Tuesday, Mar 13 at 7:00 PM in the high school band room.

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Enrollment Form Interactive Order Form Printable Order Form

Scrip Sales Calendar

During Marching Season, Scrip is sold every Thursday during Band practice, just outside the Band room! Come and purchase gift cards while applying part of the purchase to your band fees without any effort.

As of November 1, 2016, scrip sales will be sold at the homes of the scrip coordinators on Thursday evenings from 5PM to 8PM.
As always, if you would like to pick up your cards on a different day or time,  send an email to the Scrip Coordinator at or call him to arrange a different date and time.


Wentzville Holt High School
600 Campus Drive
Wentzville, MO

Nichols Residence
3835 Bedford Pointe Drive
Wentzville, MO
Home Phone: 636.327.3853

Latest Scrip Order Form Available

The links above now download a new updated Scrip Order Form dated 20180114. This form is up to date and includes all of the latest earning rates and highlight the different retailers that we stock. Just look for the asterisk (*). The form has been changed to have all in-stock items on the front page, so you won't have to print 2 pages unless you are ordering cards that are not typically stocked. Let us know what you think about the new form. Print off your form and bring it to one of the Scrip sales dates listed on the calendar or you can email it to ahead of time so your order can be ready for you to pick up.

Want to know how you can save on your band fees this year???


If you get in the habit of purchasing scrip regularly, you can earn enough that your out of pocket fees can be greatly reduced!  And this is money you would spend anyway for groceries, gas, household goods, restaurants, clothes, hardware, you name it!  We sell scrip for hundreds of merchandisers, with earnings rates from 1.5% to 13% or more!  Here’s how it works:

You purchase gift cards (scrip) for the face value, and you received the full value of the card.  So a $100 Dierbergs card costs you $100, and you can purchase $100 worth of groceries at any Dierbergs.  BUT, the card costs the band only $95, so $5 is earned without spending any more than you already were planning to spend.  Of those $5 earnings, 75% ($3.75) goes directly towards your student’s band fees!  The remaining 25% ($1.25) goes to the band general fund.  Super easy!  No selling, no out of pocket spending besides your normal budgeted amounts.  If you do that each week for 10 weeks of marching, you’ve earned $37.50, just by purchasing groceries you were already going to purchase.  If you buy additional cards for additional retailers, your earnings just grow from there!  The full list of local retailers is available by clicking on the links above.  Each retailer is listed with the denominations available and what the earnings rate is.  Higher percentage earnings mean more dollars earned for your student.  The interactive form is simple to use, just enter the quantity of cards you wish for each vendor/denomination, and the math is done for you.

We keep many cards in inventory, so there is no waiting period to get these cards; you fill out the order form and receive the cards instantly, ready to use on your next shopping trip.  These inventory items are the most popularly purchased, and are indicated on the order form with an asterisks (*) next to them.

We also order cards that are not kept in inventory; these have a one week turnaround time.  And there are many other vendors on the Scrip company websites for retailers that are not in the local area (and therefore not on the form) but may be in a location to which you are heading and can be added to the form.  These can be viewed/searched at

Looking for gift ideas?  Scrip makes great gifts for family, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc. for their birthdays, anniversaries, appreciate without any fuss.

After band camp we will schedule new times when scrip cards can be purchased. 

If you are a first time participant, you will need to fill out the enrollment form and return with your first order. 

It’s just that easy!  We look forward to seeing lots of your faces purchasing scrip and earning your band fees this year!!